Saturday, June 16, 2012

January 2011 Newsletter for Research Professionals

The Newsletter for Research Professionals       December 2010
The silly season is upon us but the activity at isn’t letting up. In fact we have had an unprecedented number of job postings in the last month. They came from all around the globe these research opportunities and some of them are still available. South Africa, Saudi Arabia and South Korea were three of the more exotic parts of the world looking for research employees. The South African job is especially intriguing because the job posting is for the West Cape which is of course the area most renowned for amazing plants and natural beauty. In addition to the wild and wonderful opportunities available abroad there were also literally hundreds of research job postings within the United States in December, and the month isn’t over! If you haven’t checked out your job board lately you should.

Research jobs

While the amazing locales of job postings this month got us excited we were nearly as overwhelmed by the range of research job postings this month. In addition to the usual market and health research opportunities, which always abound, there are a number of unusual and interesting positions that caught our attention. For example the Union of Concerned Scientists are looking for a research fellow. While the job may be one we see on site regularly this would be an amazing company to work with. The work they do is non-profit and covers research areas of scientific integrity, global warming, clean vehicles, clean energy, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, global security, food and agriculture invasive species. That amazingly diverse field would undoubtedly keep a person fascinated with a job for a long time. The other bonus of working for this company is of course that you save humanity at the same time.
Another job description that has a real wow factor is a posting for a position in nanoscale studies. If research that involves ongoing learning and discovery is your thing this job is the one for you. Although they are only looking for extremely qualified research personnel, if this is you, then this is an opportunity to work with some really interesting stuff. The other big bonus of working for a big multi-national is that the research funds to undertake a broad spectrum of investigation are often more readily available than when working for say, a non profit or a health related company – pharmaceuticals excluded.
For those committed to serious senior research and content to stay within their field of expertise, and on home ground, fear not. A number of illustrious senior research positions have graced the ResearchNetwork job board this month. These include Medical Director - Principal Investigator, Director and Associate Professor/Professor, Senior Director Research, Director, Policy Research & Analysis and Director of Medical Research, Hemophilia. Those are in all seriousness a small sampling of the jobs posted on-site right now.
You may have noticed that we at are excited about the number and quality of research positions posted this month and in growing numbers. We think that means that more companies are accepting us as the number one choice for research professionals. We also think that is based upon our reputation and the caliber of job candidates we host. So yes we are excited, for us and for you, our exceptional researcher in search of a great opportunity.

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein

Holidays & the human condition

1950's psychologist Abraham Maslow developed the idea of a Hierarchy of Needs. He posited that humans have a hierarchy of needs which must be met in order for an individual to self actualize (excerpt taken from Global Change Seminar, "It's Your Move!"). Each need precedes and, once satisfied, is the foundation for the next higher level need. The hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Physiological - hunger, thirst, bodily comfort.
  2. Psychological - safety, security, be out of danger.
  3. Belonging - love, affiliation with others.
  4. Self esteem - competence to achieve and gain approval.
  5. Self actualization - self mastery, wisdom, inner peace.

In Maslow's theory, each need must be fulfilled before the next level need can be addressed and met. When all needs up the hierarchy are adequately met people naturally blossom and are able to fulfill their individual potential.  These foundations explain our desire for tradition and holiday celebrations.

According to psychologist Clare Graves our fulfillment through sharing holiday celebrations and traditions with family originated in our psyche about 50,000 years ago. At that stage Graves contends that people could be defined as magical and animistic. At this stage of development the individual was subsumed in the group and obeyed the desires of spirit beings and mystical signs. People kept the spirits happy and the tribe's nest remained warm and safe. Allegiance was to the chief, elders, ancestors, and the clan. These people preserved sacred objects, places, events, and memories and observed rites of passage, seasonal cycles, and tribal customs. Family reunions and holiday traditions became healthy expressions which are still maintained.

““An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” William Bernbach

tHIS month’s NUMERO UNO job interview TIP:

Rehearse and Prepare:  Rehearse an interview specifically tailored for the job you want. During the rehearsal be as prepared as you would be for the actual interview. That means having your portfolio and important documents in order and on hand. Behave in your mock interview exactly as you will in the real interview. Visualize a panel interview so you are prepared for the most challenging possibility. Be confident, enthusiastic and upbeat. Shake hands warmly, smile and maintain eye contact.
Mentally rehearse your interview several times harnessing all the job interview techniques you have learnt. See yourself having a great interview, answering questions intelligently, developing a great rapport with the interviewer. This may seem silly; but it really works – try it and see. Consider anything that might make you uncomfortable while doing this; is your breath OK, is there something in your teeth? Think of anything that might put you off your game during the interview and then make a plan to pre-empt the occurrence.
Confidence is key. If you are well prepared and practiced this should come easily.!

ResearchNetwork boasts over 250,000 members with nearly 3000 job vacancies at any given time. Our professional groups and blogs are proving popular with increasing participant numbers making for some lively discussion and brilliant networking opportunities. Keep supporting us and please, keep the feedback coming in, it is the comments of our clients which keep us contemporary and providing the service that meets your needs – our goals.

Need a Research Professional?

Clinical, legal, academic, marketing, quantitative, consulting, consumer! Every niche available to the research community is represented within our job search database. This is the most complimentary reflection we at ResearchNetwork have of our success in matching the right research candidates, with the professional organizations that need them. Our service providers are the best in the industry. Our service buyers know this and that is why we are the most trusted employer/employee match making service on the internet for research professionals.
We are proud to call some of the most dynamic companies in the world, with a focus on excellence in staff recruitment and management, our clients. If you are an employer interested in joining the ResearchNetwork network, we invite you to browse our site, become a member and join in our success.
To all of our members and guests, we welcome you and thank you for your ongoing interest. We hope you have enjoyed the information provided here. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and any other aspect of our site, please contact us anytime.

We wish you the very best for 2011 and happy holidays!


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