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March 2010 Newsletter for Research Professionals

The Newsletter for Research Professionals    march 2010

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?  
- Albert Einstein

As the world continues to slog through the seemingly never-ending recession, concern over jobs and increasing unemployment is at the forefront of almost every economically viable country in the world. Many research professionals are thinking outside the box and looking for opportunities to broaden their exposure, using modern networking techniques.

What does research have to do with blogging?

The value of networking cannot be underestimated in this economic climate; it is an edge over the competition.  Today, competition for jobs is fiercer than it has been in many years; hence the crazy successes of sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are two essential components to marketing yourself or your products over the internet. The first has to do with Google rank and the second is about building a more intimate international network of colleagues and collaborators.

So how does Networking work?

Put simply, Google ranking is about links, key words and number of hits.  Being part of a social network creates a free link to your home page and can also be used to drive traffic to other landing pages. Links ramp up Google rank. Websites use keywords in titles, descriptions and content because when Mr. or Mrs. Joe Blogg are typing in a search, say for a researcher, Google spiders crawl over your site and picks up key words.  These key words are then used to display listings.  Confused, it’s not surprising and the reason most people hire ‘SEO experts’.  This isn’t rocket science though.  All of this is meant to drive traffic to your site to get you exposure and increase your Google rank.  For professionals, this isn’t necessarily networking you want to invest a lot of time in.  The sheer randomness of the traffic demographic makes it quite difficult to get specific attention.

Professional Networking and Blogging

Professional networks are an excellent resource and advertisement for researchers. Take the network for example. This is a site obviously for research professionals and companies who see to hire research professionals. This is the obvious and perfect marketplace to show off your own skills and develop professional relationships around the globe.

Researchers are the ideal skill base for this type of network because resources and knowledge can easily be shared and transferred; collaborations undertaken between professionals anywhere in the world! What I am saying is use the network, post blogs and join groups, because it may not be the employers alone, on, that can create opportunities for you!

Five Interesting networking ideas

·        Facebook replaces personal email?
The interesting and overlooked disruption of Facebook is its displacement of personal email as a communication tool. Completely permission based, no SPAM (yet), and no address book required - your friends are already on Facebook.
·        Open source software starts making proper money, thanks to the cloud
There's something starting to happen within the open source software world. Projects that were typically for the purview of programmers, or at least technophiles, are now available to the masses.
·        Mobile Commerce - the promise that has never delivered, yet
Until only very recently in the nations that invented and first adopted mobile technologies, use of your most precious device been extended to payment for goods and services. With the advanced browsers of iPhone and the Android platforms one could pay for goods through full e-commerce sites, but who really wants to fiddle around with a phone in one hand and a credit card in another?
·        Disruption vs. Continuity - Alternatives to the "Big Idea"
As the significance of social networks continues to grow, businesses are investing more in community building as a marketing driver. According to the recent Tribalization of Business study released by Deloitte, 94% of businesses will continue or increase their investment in online communities and social media and, for the majority of these companies; their marketing function will drive this investment. At the same time, as evidenced by Google's recent release of "free floating" social tools, such as Google Waves and Sidewiki, there is an increasing shift towards online identity and social activity being an integrated part of the network as a whole, rather than concentrated within discrete platforms such as Facebook.
·        Crowd Sourcing
Across many industries and organizations, crowd sourcing will become a growing tool as part of outsourcing strategies. Organizations will mobilize the passionate special interest groups to not only carry a message but also, even more importantly perhaps, to lead and take part in activities on their behalf.
Sourced from : is changing!

We are changing the way we look. Our team has been listening to your suggestions AND we, as always, have our hand on the pulse of changing technology.  We are currently implementing changes to make our site more aesthetically pleasing AND more user friendly. We are also incorporating the very latest in security measures, so your data is safe from spammers and the like, and we are also implementing options for greater networking.  Watch for our new look coming soon!

This month’s job interviewing TIP:
Ask yourself the hard questions.  An interview requires you to perform at your personal best, so practice.  Make a list of questions, both generic and relevant to the job you are applying for, and write a list of answers.  When you are happy with your responses, have a friend or family member role play the part of the interviewer.  While you are answering questions, be aware of your stance, your tone of voice and facial expressions. Be sure to practice an open disposition.

Need a Research Professional?

Experts in every research field are on the Network including clinical, legal, academic, marketing, quantitative, consulting, and consumer research professionals.  Every niche available to the research community is represented within our job search database. This is the most complimentary reflection, we at ResearchNetwork , have of our success in matching the right research candidates, with the professional organizations that need them.  Our service providers are the best in the industry.  Our service buyers know this and that is why we are the most trusted employer/employee match making service on the internet for research professionals.
We are proud to call some of the most dynamic companies in the world, with a focus on excellence in staff recruitment and management, our clients. If you are an employer interested in joining the ResearchNetwork network, we invite you to browse our site, become a member and join in our success.
To all of our members and guests, we welcome you and thank you for your ongoing interest. We hope you have enjoyed the information provided here. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and any other aspect of our site, please contact us anytime.

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